How it Works


Create Payment Cards

Create as many payment cards as you want.

Cards are intentionally simple. A title and description, one image, a price, and inventory.


Get Embed Code

Payment cards can be used on almost any other platform through embed code. Just copy/paste.

All of your products share a unified checkout- even across different websites!

Integration Demos →


Zapier Triggers Events

Using Zapier is simple and free. Zapier will get notified when someone pays you, and they'll automatically trigger events in any of the 1500+ services Zapier integrates with.

It's easy, watch this how-to video →


Pay a single monthly fee (+ a transaction fee) to sell unlimited products anywhere.

Unlimited Products

We don't limit the amount of products you can embed. One flat monthly rate, plus a transaction fee paid directly to Stripe.

Secure Checkout

All of your products share a checkout that is secure, accepts all major cards, and is ultra user friendly.

Build and Test for Free

No card required until you're ready to accept a live payment. Test for as long as you want.

Cancel anytime

Start and stop the $5 monthly charge easily. Your account stays in place, so you can pause and start up again whenever you want.

$5 per month

  • $0.30 + 2.9% / transaction
  • Unlimited products
  • No card required until you go live
Create an Account

No card required.

Free until you're ready to accept live payments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

Do I get a storefront?

Technically, yes! Since this is a solo-run SaaS product, though, I've decided to focus my time more on the embeddable card aspect, and less on the storefront part. I won't be updating the existing storefront functionality, but I'll keep what's been built, so every store technically gets[storename], but functionality is limited.

By making payments embeddable and integrating with Zapier, I'm focusing on the critical transaction part and leaving the rest open to whatever tools and systems work best for you. I think it's a win-win for everyone and allows me to take care of my one part really well.

Does the $5 cover multiple "stores"?

The $5 monthly price is per "store." A store is a collection of unlimited products that share a checkout experience. If you don't mind your customers seeing an umbrella company's logo at checkout, your $5 can cover as many "stores" as you want, since you're building your own front-end.

If you need separate logos at checkout, then it's $5 per month, per store.

Does Really Simple Store handle shipping?

Currently, there is no support for shipping.

Digital products don't require shipping, but even physical products are much simpler to sell when shipping is free and built into the cost. I may add shipping in the future, but frankly, I'm trying to avoid it if possible (shipping has edge cases, so it may be unavoidable).

Will my customers get notifications?

Yes! Your customers get order confirmations and notifications as their order is accepted and shipped (if there's shipping).

You'll get new order notifications in addition to whatever you set up in Zapier.

We also host a permanent receipt for you and your customer.

Is it Zapier-only?

Right now it is, but that should change pretty fast. It made sense to start with Zapier, as it's the most commonly used integration service with the most integrations.

If there's a specific integration service you use and would like to see Really Simple Store working with, I'd love to know!

What platforms does Really Simple Store integrate with?

To display payment cards, Really Simple Store uses a snippet of embed code. It works anywhere that allows you to add a snippet of code, which includes anything custom-coded and most major nocode builders.

Here are some integration demos →

When a product is purchased, Really Simple Store takes advantage of Zapier to trigger actions in any of the 1500+ platforms that Zapier integrates with. Zapier is free and simple to set up, and Really Simple Store is a built-in Zapier integration, so connecting is simple.

More about Zapier at →

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